Hannah & Sawyers's Enchanting, Intimate Wedding in mountains of Wenatchee, Washington

Hannah and Sawyer fell in love at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN, where they studied English and Law, respectively. They are adventurous, brilliant, and romantic humanitarians, and Squilchuck State Park in Wenatchee, WA made for the most fitting (and beautiful!) backdrop for their wedding day.

Every wedding that I’ve ever shot has left me with one moment that stands out from all the rest; whether it be a best man speech that leaves me doubled over from laughter, or a father daughter dance that sends tears down my cheeks, there is always something that is so uniquely beautiful about each and every one.

That moment at this wedding came during the reception; when the time came for the bouquet toss, Hannah assumed her place at the center of the dance floor and summoned each and every woman in the room, regardless of age or relationship status, to come out with her. She asked each of them to think about something that they are chasing after, whether it be a job promotion, or freedom from anxiety, or maybe a relationship. Usually this part of a wedding is for single women to excitedly attempt to catch the bride’s flowers, as a token of good fortune for the next one to find true love, she explained. Hannah went on to tell them that this tradition has the capacity to make many women feel small or encourages them to chase after things that they may not need or want at that time in life (like a marriage-ready relationship), and that is not what she wanted from this moment in the least bit. She stood before them bravely and repurposed the bouquet toss, making it a moment to encourage each and every one of them to chase their dreams relentlessly, no matter what those dreams are.

Hannah’s speech and unique take on a traditional wedding-day event was one of the most beautiful things that I have ever witnessed at a wedding, and I am so grateful to have witnessed such encouragement from such an incredible woman.

Hannah & Sawyer

The Wedding Party

The Ceremony

The Reception

Venue: Squilchuck State Park, Wenatchee, Washington

Makeup Artist: Vada Morrison (@Scandinative)

Dress: Olia Zavozina (@oliazavozina)