Dylan and Grace's Adventure Engagement Session at Tennessee Waterfalls

Dylan and Grace

Dylan and Grace have been together since they were seniors in high school. They met on the tennis courts (ironically enough, as that’s where our parents met over 30 years ago too). On their first date, they went rope swinging into a river, so when they told me they wanted their engagement session to be at Ozone Falls in Cookeville, TN, I wasn’t the least bit surprised. Whether it be rock climbing, backpacking, kayaking, or anything of the sort; they love to go on adventures together. When Dylan told me that he was going to propose a few months back, I couldn’t have been happier. I’ve seen he and Grace grow so dynamically over the last few years; they spent a year apart right after high school while Grace lived in Australia to pursue a mission year, and that was amidst transitioning out of high school too. I can’t even imagine spending that much time away from the person that I have come to love in that way, and am so proud of them for the way that they have pursued each other over the last few years. It’s incredible to watch anyone pursue someone to the point of marriage, but it takes on an entirely new element when it’s your brother. I am so excited to watch the two of them as they embark on this journey, and couldn’t me more proud as a sister and soon to be sister-in-law. Dylan and Grace are getting married this November and I cannot wait to be there to capture the moments that they will reminisce on for the rest of their lives. 


Listen to Dylan and grace’s Playlist for their engagement session